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Shore Excursions

So many options!

Surf Lessons for All

As cruise vacations return to popularity, so does their search for new, unusual and safe destinations. As a result, our very own Walvis Bay and Swakopmund have have become one of the 'must see' ports of call for cruise ships sailing the West Coast of Africa.

We at Abenteuer Afrika recognized the need for cruise ship companies to offer an exciting and diverse array of shore excursions. Our dedicated cruise ship division, our wide selection of activities and tours, as well as our unceasing quest for safe, stimulating and innovative product has made Abenteuer the cruise ship handler in Namibia. Bon Voyage! 

Living Desert Tours

Travel in 4WD vehicles along and over sand dunes with a specialist desert guide for an introduction to some of the fascinating, hidden life in this apparently barren landscape that is part of the Namib Desert. Discover the amazing plants and animals that have evolved and adapted to the unique conditions of the Namib: sand adders, white lady spiders, a variety of lizards, beetles, fish moths, chameleons, lichens, aloes and the fascinating welwitschia.

Welwitschia Moon Landscape Tours

Begin the tour with a 4WD vehicle, driving deep into the ancient and eroded Swakop Riverbeds that we call the Moon Landscape. Discover ancient geological features, the Oasis Goanikontes, fascinating desert flora such as the Welwitschia Mirabilis plant, Tsamma, 'Living Stones'; sightings of wildlife and the lichen fields which are not to be missed!

Swakopmund Town Tours

Discover Swakopmund's old world charm!

With plenty of historic examples of traditional German architecture dating from the turn of the century, Swakopmund also delights visitors with its oceanfront promenades, historical sights, and excellent restaurants where one can sample traditional German cuisine and locally beer brewed to the exacting standards of German purity laws.

The Swakopmund Tour includes a walk through the town, with a visit to some of the historical buildings such as the lighthouse, the old prison, and Woerman House.  

Scenic Flights

Fly over the Skeleton Coast with its shipwrecks, seal colonies, lagoons, and hordes of flamingoes. Add a diversion over Sossusvlei and the world's tallest dunes to experience one of the most impressive scenic flights in Africa.

Marine Cruises

Cruise within the calm waters of the Walvis Bay Lagoon for a fascinating and entertaining marine safari with abundant birdlife, seals, dolphins, sea lions and, if you're lucky, whales and mola mola.

This adventurous and educational cruise is guided by friendly on-board guides, passes by the oyster farms, a shipwreck, Pelican Point, the seal colony and the lighthouse. It's a perfect outing for all ages.

Complimentary sparkling wine, and other assorted drinks are served along with fresh Walvis Bay oysters and other delicious snacks.

Adventure Activities

Quadbiking and sandboarding in the dunes outside of Swakopmund, skydiving, kayaking with seals, hot-air ballooning, deep-sea and shore-based fishing, cycling and fat-biking, horse riding, camel rides... Swakopmund is rightly known as the Adventure Capital of Namibia.

Sundowner Cocktails

The mystical Moonlandscape is a dramatic setting for a sundowner cocktail.  Tables are beautifully laid and champagne glasses filled with sparkling wine.  Fresh Walvis Bay oysters and light snacks are served while watching the African sun set over this incredible landscape. 

Tip:  As a surprise, we can arrange to have the sparkling wine delivered by sky divers, and then lead in to an open air desert dinner...

Abenteuer Desert Dinners

Abenteuer Afrika pioneered elegant desert dining in Namibia, and our desert dinner in one of the world's oldest deserts is an incredible and memorable experience.

Depending upon budget, clients can choose to dine al-fresco under the Namibian sky, or in our white marquee tent. We provide tables, chairs, centrepieces, silverware, place-settings, outdoor heaters, a bar area, the kitchen, music, dance floor, red-carpet entryway - as chosen by our client.

We create an oasis deep in the heart of the Namib Desert, and set the mood with candles, hurricane lamps, fairy lights and a roaring campfire.

Guests can enjoy freshly-prepared dishes to the rhythm of a Namibian marimba band, a string quartet or music of their own choosing - all beneath an astonishing star-surround canopy.

Desert Glamping

Spend the night at a bespoke, fully-serviced tented camp with a sublime, candle-lit, canyon backdrop, and a star-surround night sky. A fusion of glamour and camping, glamping is a way to experience the stunning landscapes of Namibia without sacrificing creature comforts.  

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