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Founded in 1993, Abenteuer Afrika Safari pioneered incentive travel in Namibia, and has since become Namibia’s leading Destination Management Company.

Our expertise in  Incentive Travel, Conferences, Specialized Group Tours, Event Management, Private Luxury Travel, Cruise Ship Shore Excursions, Fly-in Safaris, and Luxury Tented Camps is enhanced by the quality and unity of our staff.  Exhaustive product knowledge, years of experience and great supplier relations – strengthened by regular team-building adventures – translate directly into a fast, accurate and friendly service for our clients.  Our goal is to deliver professional, unique and unforgettable travel experiences, which exceed our guest’s expectations.

We are affiliated with the following local and international organizations:

  • Air Namibia
  • Namibia Tourism Board
  • Tours and Safaris Association of Namibia
  • World of DMCs
  • SITE
  • ATTA

Our Motto: “Creative minds playing at work” is what inspires us.  We actively seek to inject a sense of fun and adventure into every aspect of an itinerary. From a surprise refreshment stall on the side of a dusty road to a three-piece string quartet on the beach, we go to great lengths to ensure our guest’s travel experience is unique, memorable and extraordinary.

Africa safaris -staff quality

The success of Abenteuer Afrika Safari depends on the quality of our staff

Abenteuer is the German word for Adventure and, while Abenteuer Afrika Safari has branched out into many travel sectors, adventure is still an integral part of our service. In fact, we have daily adventures reading the radical variations of our name:

  • abintoya
  • abentoya
  • abentour
  • abenture
  • abenteure
  • abenteur
  • abentuer
  • abendteuer
  • abentauer
  • abentaur
  • aventeuer
  • abent eur
  • aventur
  • abendeuer
  • aventeuer
  • and our favourite... oventour

Sometimes we think it would have been wise to choose an easier name. But then reason asks, “Where's the fun in that?”. And fun is what keeps Abenteuer going.

"We provide the coolest experience in the hottest destination"

Hilmar Tonnemacher

Director - Abenteuer Afrika Safari

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